Vice President IFAS Message

Hello friends,
Being the Vice President of IFAS, I would like to present all, my greetings to welcome you to this special occasion IFASCON 2023.
On behalf of the organizing committee, I am honoured here to announce that the Annual conference IFASCON 2023 will be held on 25th,26th & 27th Aug 2023.
This intensive three-day conference is dedicated to presenting nationally and internationally renowned leading Foot &Ankle Surgeons imparting art ,technique and science of Foot &Ankle surgery. The committee is committed to give their level best, in order to promote this conference with overwhelming scientific information to offer participants the opportunity to update their knowledge. This conference will be transformed into an engaging and collaborative virtual experience including creative learning opportunities, latest updates in Foot & Ankle surgery and entertaining network events.
Also the content has been developed at an advanced level to concentrate on the most complex, difficult cases and detailed description of Foot & Ankle surgical techniques to implement in day to day clinical practice.
We hope that you will enjoy the conference and your networking with your colleagues that will stimulate valuable knowledge sharing and will personally be rewarding.
We therefore look forward to your participation and welcome you on 25th 26th 27th Aug 2023 to make this event a success.

With pleasure,
Dr. T. V. Raja.
Vice President-IFAS